Rome, the capital of Italy

With its three millennia of history, Rome has been the western cradle of culture, language, art and architecture. It is impossible to describe in a nutshell the magnificence of this city, its marvelous monumental treasures and breathtaking views.

The Eternal City is an inevitable stop if you want to organize a tour in Italy.

Visiting Rome is like taking a dive in history and finding yourself living in an open-air museum, among perfectly preserved monuments and stories of emperors.

It is also the only city in the world to host an internal state, the Vatican, which in fact serves as the papal seat.

Rome also displays unique sites in the surroundings of the city: Villa d’Este, among many others, a UNESCO World Heritage Site and a Renaissance masterpiece located in Tivoli, is only a few kilometers from the capital.

A private van equipped for the wheelchair will take you from Rome airport to the city center.

Our vans are designed to be large and comfortable. They can accommodate up to six wheelchairs of any type and size and are equipped with an electric hydraulic platform that facilitates the ascent and descent at each stage of the tour.

Once you arrive at your five-star hotel in the historic center of Rome, you will be escorted to your room so that you can leave your luggage and relax for a while. The Outreach Team has previously checked all the rooms in every detail: from the width of the doors to the height of the bed, including the spaces in the shower and between the bathroom fixtures.

Should you need the addition of any service to make your stay more comfortable at the hotel, the Outreach Team can provide you any type of equipment you need.

Furthermore, once at the hotel you will meet your personal guide with whom you will discover all the details of the program.

Outreach has partnered with the most authoritative associations of bilingual guides in Italy: each of them specializes in art history and boasts many years of experience in inclusive tourism.

After enjoying a welcome drink with an expert bilingual sommelier who will lead you through the fantastic world of Italian wine, you will take a private “by night”.

Along with a private van and a bilingual guide, you will be accompanied to admire the beauties of Rome at night, in a magical atmosphere illuminated by the lights of the eternal city.

Gondola ride Venice
Gondola ride Venice

It is not possible to take a stroll in the center of Rome without stumbling into one of the many masterpieces of Baroque art. Gianlorenzo Bernini and Francesco Borromini, who both lived in the middle of the 17th century, gave the city some of the most representative works of the Italian Baroque. Protagonists of a heated rivalry, for years they have made Rome the center stage where to exhibit their works.

To this day, it is still possible to admire these architectural wonders by visiting the vast and historic squares, fountains and churches of the Eternal City.

Our bilingual guide, expert in art history, will lead you through an accessible path designed specifically to help you discover all the secrets of the Eternal City.

The first stop will be the elegant Piazza di Spagna, the romantic center of 19th-century Rome, where you will find the scenic Trinità dei Monti staircase and the Barcaccia fountain, a youthful work by the talented Gian Lorenzo Bernini.

After traveling down Via Condotti, one of the most elegant and fashionable streets in the city, you will cross some narrow alleys to reach one of the most fascinating corners of Rome: the incredible Trevi Fountain, symbol of the artistic wonders of the city. It is a must-do stop if you decide to visit Rome, as is the famous coin toss into the fountain. As custom dictates, you should toss the coin with your right hand over the left in order to ensure a return trip to Rome.

You will continue with the guided tour of the Pantheon, a masterpiece of Roman architecture and famous for its huge brick dome with a hole in the center. You will discover the hidden secrets of this wonderful building, a product of the Roman architectural genius, which summarizes the perfection of proportions in every detail of the monument.

The tour ends in the splendid and refined Piazza Navona, often referred as “Rome’s Lounge”, adorned with the spectacular Fountain of the Four Rivers, also by Bernini. Along with the bilingual guide, you will discover the secrets of this work and all the inside-stories behind it: legend has it that the statue embodying the Nile intentionally cover his eyes so as not to see the adjacent Church of Sant’Agnese in Agone, designed by Borromini, his great rival.

You will have lunch in a historical restaurant in the heart of the Eternal city where you can discover some of the most delicious recipes of Roman cuisine in a historic restaurant in the heart of the Eternal City. You can try some traditional first courses, such as the famous carbonara and amatriciana, or second courses rich in flavor such as tripe with tomato or chicken with peppers.

Gondola ride Venice

On the third day you will visit the only example in the world of a City within a City. The Vatican City is in fact the papal state, the center of Christianity, and the smallest country in the world. It is the destination par excellence for pilgrims from all over the world and will amaze you with its immense beauty.

Accompanied by a guide specialized in papal history, you will discover all the infinite artistic details of St. Peter’s Basilica and immerse yourself in the masterpieces of classical and Renaissance art found in every room of the Vatican Museums.
The tour ends in the astonishing Sistine Chapel, where the extraordinary beauty of Michelangelo’s frescoes will captivate you.

After the visit, the private van waiting for you just outside the Museums will take you to a typical Italian restaurant to enjoy a personal tasting of traditional Roman cuisine. Among the many specialties, fresh handmade pasta is one of the reasons why the cuisine of Rome is among the most popular in the country.

Gondola ride Venice
Gondola ride Venice

The magnificent Villa d’Este is a Renaissance masterpiece located a few kilometers from Rome and is officially recognized as a World Heritage Site by UNESCO.

Your guide will take you inside the wonders of this incredible piece of history, making you live an incredible and unforgettable cultural experience.

Villa d’Este was built at the behest of Cardinal Ippolito II d’Este, governor of Tivoli in 1550, who, disappointed by the failure to be elected pontiff, wanted to revive the splendor of the Ferrara, Roman and French courts in this villa.

The concentration of fountains, caves and water features represent a model repeatedly emulated in the European gardens of Mannerism and Baroque times. At the same time, the water supply system, with an aqueduct and a tunnel under the city, evokes the engineering wisdom of the ancients Romans.

The hundred fountains found along the avenue convey a strong visual impact to the eyes of a visitor, who often remains charmed by te immense garden divided into terraces and avenues, reminiscent of the Hanging Gardens of Babylon.

The villa is equipped with a lift from the ground floor to the upper terrace of the garden as well as an electric vehicle service that allows access to the garden and the fountains, so as to make the site accessible to everyone.

You will have lunch in an exclusive restaurant inside the beautiful Villa d’Este. The sound of the fountains and the beauty of the Villa’s architecture will make your lunch experience a truly unforgettable one.

Gondola ride Venice
Gondola ride Venice

As Alberto Sordi, a great Roman actor loved throughout Italy, said, “Rome is not a city like any other, it is an open-air museum”.

Discover the ruins of the greatest civilization of the past capable of imposing its rule all over the Mediterranean. In the morning you will be accompanied by private van directly under the Colosseum, the largest and most famous of the 80 Roman amphitheaters, once the main arena where gladiators fought against each other. The guide will tell you the historical details of those incredible battles and how the emperor, in front of a crowd of thousands of spectators, had the power of life or death over the men who fought in the arena.

The private tour continues to the Roman Forum, the epicenter of the public, religious and political life of ancient Rome. Accompanied by your private guide, you will visit all of the most important and symbolic monuments and walk the streets crossed thousands of years ago by the tribunes thanks to dedicated routes.

The visit ends in Piazza del Campidoglio, designed by Michelangelo in 1536 and deliberately oriented towards St. Peter’s Basilica, the political center of the city at the time.

You will have lunch in a traditional accessible restaurant in the Ghetto, a district full of history within the city center, where you will be able to taste typical Jewish-Roman cuisine, including the famous fried artichokes “alla giudia”.

Gondola ride Venice

After a hearty breakfast at the hotel, you will transfer with your private van to the airport in order to board back home.

Gondola ride Venice

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