Rome and Southern Italy

This tour allows you to enjoy some of the most beautiful and fascinating cities in Italy and, while visiting Europe’s sunniest geographical area, discover all the incredible facets of southern Italian culture.

As the beating heart of one of the most ancient civilizations in history, Rome is the first city in the world for number of monuments. Furthermore, its historic center is a faithful reproduction of the ancient and glorious splendor of the past.

From the capital, with an accessible private van, you will travel south, visiting the Royal Palace of Caserta, one of the most important monuments of the Italian artistic heritage along with the majestic Vanvitelli aqueduct and the San Leucio Belvedere.

The tour stops in Naples, renowned as one of the most important cities on the Mediterranean Sea. A place of pure magic where colors, scents, culture and history blended in an enchanting mix of knowledge, joy and fun.

By the foot of Vesuvius, lies Pompeii, one of the most incredible archaeological sites in the world where you will have the opportunity to discover an ancient city still intact after the eruption of the volcano in 79 AD.

Going further south, you will visit the suggestive archaeological site of Paestum, an ancient city of Magna Graecia, and then reach the beautiful Amalfi Coast, where you will admire wonderful views and suggestive and exciting landscapes.

The tour continues to Puglia, a region that holds a plethora of cultural treasures, starting with the baroque city of Lecce, also known as the pearl of Salento.

On the way back, the tour stops in the Itria Valley, where you can discover Alberobello, famous for its typical trulli, and Taranto, a city that boasts, among other things, a splendid archaeological museum full of unique antiquities.

Before returning to Rome, you will visit the charming city of Trani, famous for its Romanesque cathedral, and the village of Andria with the monumental Castel del Monte.

A private van equipped for the wheelchair will take you from Rome airport to the city center.

Our vans are designed to be large and comfortable. They can accommodate up to six wheelchairs of any type and size and are equipped with an electric hydraulic platform that facilitates the ascent and descent at each stage of the tour.

Once you arrive at your five-star hotel in the historic center of Rome, you will be escorted to your room so that you can leave your luggage and relax for a while. The Outreach Team has previously checked all the rooms in every detail: from the width of the doors to the height of the bed, including the spaces in the shower and between the bathroom fixtures.

Should you need the addition of any service to make your stay more comfortable at the hotel, the Outreach Team can provide you any type of equipment you need.
Furthermore, once at the hotel you will meet your personal guide with whom you will discover all the details of the program.

Outreach has collaborated with the most authoritative associations of bilingual guides in Italy: each of them specializes in art history and boasts many years of experience in inclusive tourism.

Your first day in Rome deserves a dinner to remember. Let yourself be tempted by some of the most delicious and traditional recipes of Roman cuisine in a historic restaurant in the heart of the Eternal City. You can try some traditional first courses, such as the famous carbonara and amatriciana, or second courses rich in flavor such as tripe with tomato sauce or chicken with peppers.

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Start the day off with a hotel breakfast in a truly Italian style: the intense taste of an espresso or the sweet foam of a hot cappuccino with a freshly baked croissant is the right way to begin your second day in Rome.

As Alberto Sordi, a great Roman actor loved throughout Italy, said, “Rome is not a city like any other; it is an open air museum”
Discover the ruins of the greatest civilization of the past capable of imposing its rule all over the Mediterranean. In the morning, you will be accompanied by private van directly under the Colosseum, the largest and most famous of the 80 Roman amphitheaters, once the main arena where gladiators fought against each other. The guide will tell you the historical details of those incredible battles and how the emperor, in front of a crowd of thousands of spectators, had the power of life or death over the men who fought in the arena.

The private tour continues to the Roman Forum, the epicenter of the public, religious and political life of ancient Rome. Accompanied by your private guide, you will visit all of the most important and symbolic monuments and walk the streets crossed thousands of years ago by the tribunes thanks to dedicated routes.

The visit ends in Piazza del Campidoglio, designed by Michelangelo in 1536 and deliberately oriented towards St. Peter’s Basilica, the political center of the city at the time.

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On the third day, you will visit the only example in the world of a City within a City. The Vatican City is in fact the papal state, the center of Christianity, and the smallest country in the world. It is the destination par excellence for pilgrims from all over the world and it will amaze you with its immense beauty.

Accompanied by a guide specialized in papal history, you will discover all the infinite artistic details of St. Peter’s Basilica and immerse yourself in the masterpieces of classical and Renaissance art found in every room of the Vatican Museums.

The tour ends in the astonishing Sistine Chapel, where the extraordinary beauty of Michelangelo’s frescoes will captivate you.
After the visit, the private van waiting for you just outside the Museums will take you to a typical Italian restaurant to enjoy a personal tasting of traditional Roman cuisine. Among the many specialties, fresh handmade pasta is one of the reasons why the cuisine of Rome is among the most popular in the country.

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Designed in the 18th century by the Italian architect Luigi Vanvitelli, at the behest of Charles III of Bourbon, the Royal Palace of Caserta is an authentic masterpiece of architecture.

In 1997, UNESCO recognized the Royal Palace of Caserta as a World Heritage Site, and a true symbol of the city. Today, visiting the royal palace of Caserta represents an exciting journey through time.

The majestic palace spreads over vast interior spaces that include 1200 finely decorated rooms and immense gardens with elegant and refined detail. Meadows, scenic fountains with water features, waterfalls, bridges, sculptures, make the site one of the most important and sought-after attractions by tourists. The large driveway crosses the building and unifies the entire complex continuing in the park as a waterway and greenery.

Considering the extension of the internal and external surface, during the booking phase clients might request: electric scooters, golf carts, manual or electric wheelchairs to facilitate the visit.

By the end of the visit, Outreach’s private accessible van will drive you to a refined restaurant in Caserta, home of buffalo mozzarella, where you can taste different dishes of traditional Campania cuisine.

In the afternoon, our accessible private van will drive you to the city of Naples, where you can enjoy your five-night accommodation in an exclusive and accessible five-star hotel right in the center of the city.

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Our private van will take you to the port of Naples, directly under the accessible ferry, where you will start your two-hour journey to the island of Capri, what Pablo Neruda named the “queen of rocks”, surrounded by the blue of the Mediterranean Sea.

This beautiful island has always been associated with glamorous and elite tourism: here you can relax and fully enjoy the terraces, gardens and villas of one of the best-known destinations in Italy.

After an Italian-style aperitif in the famous “Piazzetta” of Capri, your guide will take you through the traditional alleys and streets of Capri, passing through via Vittorio Emanuele, the luxury area of the island, where you can admire the most iconic hotel and shops.

You will enjoy lunch in a refined restaurant on the island, famous for its wide choice of regional dishes to pair with an extensive list of local wines.

In the afternoon, you will take the ferry back and our driver will take you to your hotel, where you can relax for the rest of the afternoon.

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In the morning, our private van will take you to the Archaeological Park of Paestum, an ancient city of Magna Graecia, and among the twenty most visited archeological sites in the country. An expert bilingual guide will help you discovering the architecture, art, rituals and culture of ancient Greece as well as all the important phases of human history up until today.

The Museum and the Archaeological Park of Paestum are both easily accessible through ad hoc path that leads up inside the Basilica.

After the visit to Paestum, the tour continues to an authentic local dairy, famous for the production of Buffalo Mozzarella. A bilingual expert will take you inside the farm where you can observe the wisdom and accuracy used for the production of mozzarella, one of the most beloved dishes in Italy.

The tour ends with a tasting focused mainly on the company’s products and, of course, on buffalo mozzarella. Served in its genuine simplicity, it does not need too many pairings: its softness and exquisiteness are enough for every palate. This product represents an emblem of a welcoming land and encapsulates ancient traditions unparalleled in the world.

The journey continues in the afternoon to the archaeological site of Pompeii, a place of great charm for tourists from all over the world. The ancient city officially became a UNESCO heritage site in 1997.

Going through the Pompeian excavations is a unique and timeless experience: you will walk through the ruins of a thriving city whose life was interrupted by the eruption of the Vesuvius and you will experience the very last moments of the Pompeiian citizens who lived there. As of today, you can admire the remains of ancient streets and small shops still intact from the eruption.

The latest works carried out on the site have allowed the construction of an accessible 3-km long path that allows anyone to visit the entire site.

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Along with the guide, you will head towards the Amalfi Coast, a stretch of coast just 50 kilometers long, famous for its small beaches and for the pastel colors of its houses.

The first stop is Positano, a very famous tourist destination with pebble beaches and narrow streets full of small artisan shops and places where you can enjoy moments of relax while admire the blue of the sea.

The tour continues towards Amalfi, a charming city known above all for the church of Sant’Andrea, a structure from the Arab-Norman times in the heart of the city. You will be able to enjoy a delicious Italian espresso in front of its famous striped Byzantine facades.

You will enjoy lunch in a restaurant in the city center, where you can taste the typical cuisine of the Amalfi Coast based mainly on seafood. From shrimp to scorpion fish, from pezzogne to amberjacks, octopuses and blue fish.

All are undisputed protagonists of traditional coastal recipes: among them, the unforgettable “scialatielli with seafood”, typical fresh pasta from this area.

In the afternoon, the tour continues towards Ravello, a hilltop town dominating the gulf from its 365 meters above sea level. This destination is mainly visited for the extraordinary gardens on the cliffs and a breathtaking view from Villa Rufolo. This villa and its gardens, dating back to the 13th century, are perfect spots for you to capture unforgettable photos of local colors, shapes and landscapes.

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Naples, a city known for its warm and welcoming culture, will seduce you with its lively streets and ancient traditions.

Our bilingual guide, expert in art history, will lead you through an accessible path designed ad hoc to make you discover all the artistic treasures of this city: from the quaint old town with its palaces and churches, to the catacombs of underground Naples, passing through the Archaeological Museum, Castel Nuovo and the Royal Palace.

You will have lunch in the center of Naples in an elegant restaurant where you can try some of the best dishes of traditional Neapolitan cuisine. Treat yourself with an authentic and world-class Neapolitan pizza and sip one of the best espressos in Italy in some of the oldest and most elegant cafés in town.

In the afternoon, our expert bilingual guide will lead a visit to the Archeological Museum, a 12000 square meters structure home to the most important collection of Roman art in the world. Later on, you will pass by the Decumano Maggiore, one of the oldest streets in the city, to admire the Veiled Christ. The majestic beauty and refined details of Giuseppe Sanmartino’s masterpiece catch the eye of each visitor who often remain speechless in front of so much splendor.

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Our private accessible van will drive you to Puglia, a region known for its crystalline sea, the polychrome Mediterranean scrub, the labyrinthine historic centers and the endless hilly expanses immersed in still uncontaminated places.

Along the long journey, the tour stops in Castel del Monte, an octagonal castle and unique masterpiece of medieval architecture, built on a hill by Frederick II of Swabia in 1240.

In 1996, the UNESCO World Heritage Committee included the Castle in the World Heritage List for its exceptional universal value, for the perfection of its forms, the harmony and the fusion of cultural elements from Northern Europe, the Muslim world and classical antiquity.

After enjoying lunch near the Castle, our van heads towards Lecce where you can enjoy a four-night stay in an exclusive and accessible five-star hotel.

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Puglia holds an extraordinary casket of cultural treasures, starting with what is often referred as “the pearl of Salento”, namely the city of Lecce. Lecce is among the most beautiful cities in southern Italy and it has recently become an important stop for international tourism. You will spend a day among the wonders of this city, full of splendid buildings and Baroque churches. Known as “the Florence of the South”, it will amaze and fascinate you in every precious and intimate corner, from the center to the more peripheral areas. Its ancient origins and the Roman archaeological remains are blended with the richness and exuberance of the seventeenth-century Baroque churches and palaces. Such symposium makes the center of the city a real open-air museum.

Our guide will take you through an accessible route designed ad hoc. The guided tour will start from the splendid Piazza del Duomo, which houses the Cathedral of Maria SS. Assunta, and will continue through the beauties of “Lecce Baroque style”, an unparalleled type of architecture.

You will have lunch in an elegant restaurant where you can taste the flavors of Salento’s cuisine, which offers unique dishes and recipes in Southern Italy.

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The private van will drive you to Alberobello, a UNESCO World Heritage Site and universally known as the city of the “Trulli”. Each with different shape and size, the trullo, dating back to the 14th century, is a traditional dry stone conical construction typical of Southern Puglia, a white house built without mortar and with a pointed roof.

It is often one-of-a-kind with a cone-shaped gray roof ending in a ball or hemisphere. The interior, with a single room, contains niches for the fireplace, the bed and various furnishings.

In the Itria Valley, these buildings are scattered throughout the territory, from which they stand out with their white walls and famous cone roofs.

Along with your guide, you will discover all the secrets of this characteristic village, recognized as one of the five most fascinating in Italy.

The tour continues to Martina Franca and Locorotondo, two towns located at an equal distance between the Ionian Sea and the Adriatic Sea. These villages represent perfect places to enjoy an excellent view over the Itria Valley.

You will have lunch in a traditional restaurant with local cuisine, served in elegant vaulted stone rooms or at the outdoor tables in a characteristic alley. The Apulian cuisine is renowned for its first courses: the famous orecchiette with homemade turnip greens, or the tiella, made with rice, potatoes, mussels, onions and tomatoes.

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A private van will then drive you to Taranto, also called the “City of the two seas”, due to its particular position between Mar Grande and Mar Piccolo.

In this city, characterized by its important historical center and baroque churches, the MArTA – National Archaeological Museum of Taranto stands out for its remarkable collection. The latter proposes, both a permanent tour route from Prehistory to the Middle Ages, and thematic tours and exhibitions.

The MArTA collections illustrate a long and fascinating historical period, reconstructing the history of this territory through remarkable pieces of art.

Inside the museum there are no architectural barriers and all the paths are accessible to everyone.
By the end of the tour, you can enjoy a typical Apulian lunch in a local restaurant and let yourself be conquered by the flavors of the sea captured in traditional local recipes.

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The private van will take you to Trani, a charming city overlooking a beautiful port made famous for the high density of characteristic fishing boats.

The city displays a breathtaking scenery, historical and harmonious architectural lines, permeated by the influence of Frederick II of Swabia, who turned Trani into a maritime fortress.

Trani’s 12th-century Cathedral, with its iconic tower, is one of the main Catholic attractions in Puglia, a masterpiece of Romanesque art built in white and pink local stone. The guided tour will allow you to discover all the secrets of this timeless Cathedral.

For lunch, you will be guest in an exclusive location that will allow you to enjoy the last lunch in Italy before departure while admiring a view of the city from a privileged spot.

In the afternoon, the van will take you to Naples where you will stay overnight in an accessible five-star hotel before departure on the following day.

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The private van will take you to the airport in Naples for departure.

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