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Hilly expanses as far as the eye can see, ancient villages, Romanesque churches, perched medieval castles, a succession of gentle slopes planted with vines whose rows draw rigorous geometries: these are the magnificent scenarios of the Langhe region, a UNESCO-World Heritage Site.
Its capital, the city of Alba, a UNESCO creative city for gastronomy, is a treasure trove of fine products. Every fall, as per tradition, white truffle hunters go in search of the rare and precious ingredient, using specially trained dogs. Later on, these little gems end up on the best tables on the planet, but also on the stalls of the International Alba Truffle Fair (held every fall), where it has been a protagonist for almost a century.

Furthermore, Alba’s own round and gentle hazelnut constitutes the origin of the myth of Nutella, a legendary product invented in the 1940s and sold all over the world; the confectionery group Ferrero is indeed based here.
The vineyards of the region represent a living testimony to the winemaking millenary expertise and a remarkable demonstration of man’s interaction with his natural environment. During the Roman Empire, Pliny the Elder mentions the region as one of the most favorable for growing vines in the whole Empire; today, the wine from the hilltop villages of Barolo and Barbaresco represents an international benchmark for wine lovers all over the world.

The tour takes you deep into the heart of the region, offering you the opportunity to enjoy the marvelous landscapes while delighting your palate with the local products. This seven-day adventure starts from the city of Turin, Italy’s first capital and once residence of the monarch, and leads you to Alba. From there, you will be discovering the villages of Barbaresco and Barolo, whose diverse soil and climatic components give birth to unique products available for customized wine tastings at some of the oldest and most famous wineries.

A private van equipped for the wheelchair will take you from the Milan or Turin airport to the city center.
Our vans are designed to be large and comfortable. They can accommodate up to six wheelchairs of any type and size and are equipped with an electric hydraulic platform that facilitates the ascent and descent at each stage of the tour.

Once you arrive at your five-star hotel in the historic center of Turin, you will be escorted to your room so that you can leave your luggage and relax for a while. All the rooms have been previously checked by the Outreach Team in every detail: from the width of the doors to the height of the bed, including the spaces in the shower and between the bathroom fixtures.
Should you need the addition of any service to make your stay more comfortable at the hotel, the Outreach Team can provide you any type of equipment you need.
Furthermore, once at the hotel you will meet your personal guide with whom you will discover all the details of the program.
Outreach has partnered with the most authoritative associations of bilingual guides in Italy: each of them specializes in art history and boasts many years of experience in inclusive tourism.

Visit the city of Turin, capital city of Piedmont and first capital of Italy, a strategic business and cultural center of northern Italy surrounded by the beautiful western Alps. The tour includes a visit to the Egyptian archeological museum, the largest collection of Egyptian art in the world outside of Egypt.

Lunch will be at one of the most elegant historic restaurants in Italy, boasting 19th century furnishings and decor alongside unexpected works of contemporary art.
Lunch will be followed by a coffee break at the “Bicerin” one of the oldest cafés in town, and one of the historic cafes of the Piedmontese capital and the birthplace of Bicerin, a hot drink based on coffee, chocolate and milk cream whose original recipe is jealously guarded. You cannot go to Turin and not taste this delight perhaps along with a mixed plate of Piedmontese dry biscuits of artisanal production.

Visit the Royal palace, the luxurious residence of the former kings of Italy, placed on the UNESCO World Heritage Site list. The Royal Palace of Turin is the first and most important of the Savoy residences in Piedmont, the theater of the politics of the Savoy kingdom for at least three centuries. Here you will have a king-like experience and walk through the frescoed hall of the royal residence accompanied by a personal bilingual guide who will tell you all the secrets of this magic place.

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Visit this grandiose estate just outside Turin which comprises 80,000 square meters of floor surface in the Reggia and 60 hectares of Gardens, adjacent to the 17th century ancient village of Venaria and the 3,000 fenced hectares of the Park of La Mandria. Considered a natural and architectural masterpiece, it was declared part of the World Heritage by UNESCO in 1997.

Lunch in Alba and enjoy revisited regional cuisine, a tasting menu & fine wines, served in an elegant, brick-vaulted cellar. Here you can try the world-famous “Battuta di Fassona”, a high-quality type of Piedmontese meat that could be served also with local white truffle.

Transfer to Alba, the capital of the Langhe region and visit of the city, an old Roman town where you can enjoy ancient Roman ruins and enjoy the medieval city center, walk along the historic walls and inside the gothic churches of the city.
Every fall the city hosts the “International Alba White Truffle Fair” a unique opportunity to taste the Langhe’s most famous product, along with wine.
In the Langhe you will be staying at a five-star hotel, occupying a 17th-century monastery surrounded by ancient vineyards, featuring original frescoes and sleeping in elegant rooms offering Wi-Fi and flat-screen TVs.

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Introduction to the world of Barolo through a visit to the WiMu, Italy’s most innovative wine museum, as well as one of the most important worldwide. The museum will be followed by a visit and tasting at the historic “Marchesi di Barolo”, a winery that boasts over 150 years of tradition.

Lunch at a local trattoria, one of the top-50 all around Italy, to try the famous tajarin (the Piedmontese word for “tagliarini”, which translates to ‘small cuts’) a traditional, thin, long and flat-shaped egg pasta.

After lunch, your tour will take you to the historic Castle of Grinzane Cavour, a 13th century castle, home of Camillo Benso, Conte di Cavour, known as the architect of Italy’s unification process, which ultimately occurred in 1861. Cavour started living there in 1830 and restored the construction of the castle while improving the winemaking quality processes in the area.

An artistic and historic jump in time will take you to the iconic “Cappella del Barolo” a never-consecrated chapel in the middle of the vineyards, renovated by world’s renowned artists Sol Lewitt for the exterior and David Tremlett for the interior; this unique work of art is a testament to the artistic and cultural evolution of the region.

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Visit the Ceretto winery, one of the most iconic wineries of the region whose product are shipped all over the world and have obtained several international awards for their outstanding quality. The tour includes a panoramic wine tasting in the “Acino” a wood dome hanging over the Berardina vineyards.

Lunch in a panoramic terrace to enjoy the view of the vineyards while tasting local products, including the “agnolotti”, a Piedmontese kind of pasta made with small pieces of pasta dough filled with meat or vegetables. The origin of the name may come from a local cook called Angiolino, or “Angelot”, an individual from the Langhe who is considered to be the inventor of the recipe.

The other famous product of the region is the white truffle, considered the rarest and most prized truffle by gourmets all over the World. Its velvety outer surface, fine white veins and unique aromatic scent makes it one of a kind.
The tour includes a session of truffle hunting with trained dogs and specialists through the woods of the Langhe hills. By the end of the hunt, you will have the opportunity to taste the truffle along with other local dishes and a glass of wine.

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Visit and tasting at “Poderi Luigi Einaudi”, an 1897-cellar steeped in history and once owned by Italy’s former President. The cellar represents a perfect interaction between the terroir, elegance, identity and enhancement of the winemaker heritage; a place of wine culture for enthusiasts and wine lovers.

Lunch at the one of the oldest restaurants of the small, iconic town of Barbaresco, right under the famous medieval city tower. Here you can have lunch outside right next to the medieval church and enjoy the unique view while tasting local food.

The tour will take you to David Tremlett’s “Chiesetta della Beata Maria Vergine del Carmine” in the middle of the vineyards. The artist, originally from Cornwall, has developed in the over three hundred square meters of the Church of the Beata Maria Vergine del Carmine di Coazzolo, an admirable example of external painting: a high-level artistic solo that absolutely deserves to be discovered along with the surrounding area.

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Visit the Marchesi di Gresy winery, whose vineyards are situated in the best crus in the area for the production of Barbaresco. The family of the Marchesi di Gresy has been the sole owner of these territories since the 18th century and has since preserved an international reputation as one of the best wineries in the region and all over the country.

Lunch at one of the most famous and traditional restaurants in the Langhe Region: a one-star Michelin restaurant which also has the second largest wine cellar in Italy, recently enhanced with ageing rooms for hams and cheeses. Here you can enjoy the creative cuisine with a focus on the traditions of the Langhe.

The tour takes you deep into the heart of the Langhe to discover the “Azienda Agricola Corilverde” and taste the “Nocciola Tonda Gentile” – the round and gentle hazelnut – typically and uniquely grown in the Langhe area and considered as one of the best hazelnut variety for the production of confectionary products. In this tour you will taste the home-made hazelnut cream and learn special recipes to replicate at home.

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After a hearty breakfast at the hotel, you will transfer with your private van to the Milan or Turin airport to board back home.

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