Italy's Grand Tour

21 Days/20 Night
The Grand Tour is an incredible travel experience that will introduce you to the most fascinating beauties of Italy. The tour includes the most famous places of the Bel Paese, such as Rome, Naples and Sicily, but also lesser known wonders, including the Royal Palace of Venaria, the Egyptian Museum, the Valley of the Temples in Agrigento, Ferrara and many other hidden gems all over a country that owns the largest number of archaeological sites in the world.

A 21-day experience in the footsteps of the Grand Tours that European aristocracies embarked on back in the 17th century in order to enrich their personal knowledge. From the first capital of Italy, Turin, to the splendors of the Riace Bronzes, from the poignant beauty of Venice, to the charms of the Amalfi Coast, passing through the infinite shades of the extraordinary mosaic of beauty that is Italy.

An accessible private van equipped for the wheelchair will take you from the airport in Turin or Milan to the city center.

Our vans are designed to be large and comfortable. They can accommodate up to six wheelchairs of any type and size and are equipped with an electric hydraulic platform that facilitates the ascent and descent at each stage of the tour.

Once you arrive at your five-star hotel in the historic center of Rome, you will be escorted to your room so that you can leave your luggage and relax for a while. The Outreach Team has previously checked all the rooms in every detail: from the width of the doors to the height of the bed, including the spaces in the shower and between the bathroom fixtures.

Should you need the addition of any service to make your stay more comfortable at the hotel, the Outreach Team can provide you any type of equipment you need. Furthermore, once at the hotel you will meet your personal guide with whom you will discover all the details of the program.

Outreach has partnered with the most authoritative associations of bilingual guides in Italy: each of them specializes in art history and boasts many years of experience in inclusive tourism.

Gondola ride Venice

An accessible private van will drive you to the Royal Palaces of Venaria, among the most beautiful Savoy residences in Piedmont and subject of a long restoration that brought it back to its original splendor. For this reason, UNESCO also declared it a World Heritage Site a few years ago.

You will be guided through the exhibition spaces of the Royal Palace, with ad hoc paths that will lead you through the splendid Baroque halls, until you reach the wonderful Garden, elected the most beautiful public park in Italy in 2019. If you wish, Outreach can provide you with electric scooters to facilitate the visit on the outdoor routes.

At the end of the visit of the Palace, you will be taken to an elegant accessible restaurant with a beautiful terrace, where you can choose from a rich selection of gourmet dishes of Piedmontese revisited recipes.

In the afternoon, you will reach Castello della Mandria by van, surrounded by a natural park of 3,000 hectares of meadows and woods, also declared a World Heritage Site by UNESCO.

Through a guided tour, you will enter the favorite residence of Vittorio Emanuele II of Savoy, the first King of Italy, with its fascinating Royal Apartments rich in art and history. The spaces of the Castle contain works of art, fabrics, furnishings and furnishings from the ancient Savoyard collections, renowned all over the world.

Gondola ride Venice

Born in 1824, the Egyptian Museum – the oldest museum dedicated to the civilization that developed on the banks of the Nile – boasts the second collection of Egyptian antiquities in the world as well as the most important outside of Egypt. In April 2015, the Museum completed an important renovation project combining the needs of scientific research with those of public use. Currently the museum space presents 3300 objects exhibited according to a chronological criterion ranging from 4900 B.C. to 750 A.D. In the first year of its renovation, the Egyptian Museum welcomed 1 million visitors. Today is a worldwide-recognized tourist attraction for the international public.

Discover the Egyptian Museum of Turin with an expert Egyptologist and bilingual guide: go back in time and relive the luxury and daily life of the pharaohs and queens of Ancient Egypt.

First in the world for foundation and second in importance only to the one in Cairo, the Egyptian Museum of Turin now houses about 300,000 artifacts, with over 26,000 still kept in warehouses for scientific research purposes. Mummies, papyri and funerary finds of the great pharaohs make it an unmissable stop on any visit to the city of Turin.

The Museum of Egyptian Antiquities was founded in 1824 thanks to the purchase by King Carlo Felice of a large collection of Egyptian antiquities, from statues, sarcophagi and mummies to papyri, bronzes, amulets and everyday objects, initially put together by the Egyptologist Vitaliano Donati and later enriched by Bernardino Drovetti, consul general of France in Egypt. Thanks to excavations conducted in Egypt in the late 1930s, the collection continued to expand until it reached the extraordinary grandeur of today.

By the end of the visit, you will reach a typical restaurant right next to the Museum, where you will be introduced to the great protagonists of Piedmontese cuisine on the menu.

The day will continue with an itinerary that crosses the elegant historic center of Turin, starting from the suggestive Piazza Castello, the heart of the city, overlooked by Palazzo Reale and Palazzo Madama, and then passing through the most famous streets of the center, such as via Roma, which brings together fashion, culture and tradition. Finally, you will reach Piazza San Carlo, where you can try Bicerin, the typical Piedmontese hot drink made with chocolate, coffee and milk cream, in a historic café.

Turin has always been known as the Italian city of chocolate; an authentic passion that has created specialties known all over the world, including the famous prism-shaped Gianduiotto chocolate, born in 1865 by Michele Prochet who combined cocoa with hazelnut from the famous Langhe region.

Gondola ride Venice

An accessible private van will take you to Verona, the “City of love”, so named after being chosen by Shakespeare as the setting for the troubled love between Romeo Montecchi and Juliet Capulet. Even in Verona, you can enjoy affordable 5-star hotel accommodation for three nights.

The city of Verona is a UNESCO World Heritage Site and it has always been a popular destination for many couples from all over the world.
An expert bilingual guide will lead a visit to the symbolic monument of the city: the Arena, an ancient Roman amphitheater and home to the prestigious Opera Festival, debut stage of the famous tenor Placido Domingo.

The tour includes a visit to the legendary House of Juliet, right next to the city center. Tourists from all over the world gather here to visit the 14th-century house to leave a dedication of love on the walls of the courtyard and to touch the right breast of the bronze statue of Juliet, which allegedly favors good luck in love.

You will have lunch in a meticulously decorated Gothic-style restaurant, where you will taste the elegant Veronese cuisine while surrounded by a colorful garden and by a large wine cellar with bottles from every Italian region.

In the afternoon, you will have the opportunity to go through the most famous streets of the city. While shopping and resting in the most elegant cafés of the city you will have the opportunity to taste the famous “sfogliatine”, a typical Veronese pastry made off a complex preparation but with a truly unforgettable sweet flavor.

Gondola ride Venice

Lake Garda, with its mild climate and its extension from shore to shore, almost resembles a sea nestled between the Alps and the Po Valley.

You will leave for an accessible mini cruise to reach Sirmione, a town known for the healing properties of its thermal water. Located on a long and thin peninsula on the south side of the lake, Sirmione has been praised for its beauty by writers such as Stendhal, Lawrence and Goethe.

The historic center is characterized by narrow alleys surrounded by dry stone walls that will give you a truly romantic atmosphere. You will have lunch in a classic and elegant restaurant on a terrace where you will enjoy refined seafood specialties.

Gondola ride Venice

Celebrated all over the world for its beauty, Venice and its lagoon have been included in the UNESCO World Heritage List in 1987.

After a hearty breakfast, you will leave with the guide for an accessible tour designed ad hoc in the heart of Venice.

For those visiting Venice for the first time, the so-called “Marciana Area” is a mandatory stop. Full of monuments and museums, this area is in fact a concentration of history gathered in a few square kilometers: from the Renaissance Clock Tower to the characteristic Church of San Zulian, from the incredible Basilica of San Marco to the Gothic Palazzo Ducale, crossing the Campanile of San Marco and the famous Bridge of Sighs.

The area has been made completely accessible to everyone and the many bridges crossing the lagoon have been equipped with platforms and ramps.

You will enjoy lunch in a restaurant in the very center of the city. Brick interiors and breathtaking works of art inspired by Venice’s landscapes contribute to make this restaurant a special destination for every visitor. Furthermore, its rich traditional menu consists of a special assortment of dishes from the Venetian cuisine.

Gondola ride Venice

In the morning, your accessible private van will drive you to Ferrara, a wonderful Renaissance city, to visit its historic center, recognized by UNESCO as a World Heritage Site. The guide will lead you to the ancient residence of the Dukes of Este, the Estense Castle, in a fully accessible museum itinerary. After the visit, you will head towards Palazzo Schifanoia, an extraordinary testimony of the splendor of the Renaissance era. The new exhibition itinerary gives visitors a modern, large and engaging museum with 21 rooms and 250 works, including the splendid “Salone dei Mesi” which contains a cycle of astrological and mythological themed frescoes. One more last dive into the past before lunch at Casa Romei, a building that still manages to convey the charm and atmosphere of an elegant building from the fifteenth century. You will have lunch in an elegant restaurant that offers delicious and unmissable local specialties, such as “cappellacci alla ferrarese” and local cured meats such as “coppa alla ferrarese”.

After lunch, you will head to Bologna, a welcoming and generous city, also known for the almost 40 km of arcades, the longest in the world. The city boasts three nicknames: the first is the “educated”, due to the oldest university in the world founded in 1088, the second the “fat” for its excellent cuisine famous throughout the world, and finally the “red” for the unmistakable color of its roofs. The city was named “Creative City of Music” by UNESCO in 2006 and boasts a medieval historic center that is one of the largest and best preserved in Europe, teeming with clubs, taverns, theaters and shops.

An expert bilingual guide will lead a visit to the main attractions of the city: from Piazza Maggiore home of the symbols of the “Church’s” power, such as the Fountain of Neptune and the Basilica of San Petronio, to Palazzo del Podestà, testimony of the “civil” power. The visit ends in the Sanctuary of the Blessed Virgin of San Luca and the Monumental complex of the Seven Churches. You can visit the Quadrilatero, the ancient and picturesque market of medieval origin and admire the different towers of the city, including the majestic Two Towers, that of the Asinelli, 98 meters high and its “twin” Garisenda 48 meters high and mentioned in Dante’s Inferno. By the end of the visit, your accessible private van will drive you to your hotel in Florence, where you will enjoy a three-night stay in a 4-star hotel.

Gondola ride Venice

Together with your guide, you will spend a day in the artistic heart of the city of Florence, where Michelangelo, Leonardo da Vinci and Dante Alighieri found inspiration for the creation of their masterpieces and you will discover the beauties of this city, the cradle of the Renaissance. You will visit the Cathedral which dominates the city with its huge dome and which still today no Florentine palace exceeds in height.

After a rich lunch in a typical traditional Florentine restaurant accessible, you will visit Piazza del Duomo, with the Basilica of Santa Maria del Fiore and Piazza San Giovanni, with the Baptistery. Both are located in a single large pedestrian area, an area that stretches between the cathedral and Piazza della Signoria, and which constitutes the heart of Florence in an atmosphere still today in medieval style.

If you wish, upon reservation, it will be possible to take a guided tour of the Uffizi Gallery, one of the largest museums in the world and one of the oldest galleries in Europe, which boasts an incomparable artistic heritage.

Gondola ride Venice

After breakfast, the tour takes you on a real journey through time to discover the medieval charm of Tuscany. You will learn about the history of this fascinating Italian region and visit Siena and San Gimignano, cities known for having preserved their original aspect and their ancient traditions.

The first stop will be Siena, one of the oldest and most beautiful cities in Tuscany, rich in monuments, noble palaces and museums. Its millennial history dates back to the time of the Etruscans: however, legend has it that Senio and Aschio, sons of Remo, fled from Rome and founded Siena at the end of a mythical and very long “Palio alla lunga”.

Between 1150 and 1300, a plethora of great artists committed themselves to the creation of extraordinary monuments, especially the fully accessible Cathedral. The tour will start from the discovery of this magical place and its incredible architecture.
Later on, you will visit the Palazzo Comunale in Piazza del Campo, the famous shell-like square that twice per summer hosts the famous and traditional horse race named “Palio”.

You will have lunch in a farm located in the countryside right next to San Gimignano, where you can enjoy typical dishes of the Tuscan tradition enriched with fragrant local wines.

Following lunch, your private accessible van will take you to San Gimignano, a UNESCO World Heritage Site and one of the most incredible examples of a medieval city. San Gimignano, which stands out for its famous medieval towers, is located along the Via Francigena, on the hills of the upper Val D’Elsa. Famous for its vernaccia, saffron and the ceramics of Santa Fina, San Gimignano is the perfect place to fully understand the traditions rooted in the Tuscan territory.

Gondola ride Venice

The Eternal City is an essential stop if you want to organize a tour in Italy.

Visiting Rome is like taking a dip in history and finding yourself living in an open-air museum, among perfectly preserved monuments and the stories of emperors. It is also the only city in the world to host an internal state, Vatican City, which in fact serves as a papal seat.

An accessible private van will take you to the heart capital of Italy, which with its three millennia of history has been the western cradle of culture, language, art and architecture.

You will arrive at your central 5-star hotel where you will stay for three nights and be taken to your room so that you can leave your luggage and relax after the long journey. It is quite impossible to describe in a few words the magnificence of this city, full of monumental treasures and unique views in the world.

The tour takes you to the elegant Piazza di Spagna, the romantic center of nineteenth-century Rome; your expert bilingual guide will offer you a unique perspective of the city, where you will find the scenic Trinità dei Monti staircase and the Barcaccia fountain, a youthful work of the talented Gian Lorenzo Bernini.

After strolling along Via Condotti, the most elegant shopping street in the city, you will cross some alleys to reach one of the most fascinating points of Rome, the incredible Trevi Fountain, a symbol of the artistic wonders of the city.

It is a cult stop if you visit Rome, as is the famous throwing of the lucky coin into the fountain. Strictly from behind, as the custom dictates, you will make a wish while launching the coin, entrusting it to the blindfolded Goddess.

You will have lunch in a historic restaurant in the heart of the Eternal City between delicious and traditional recipes of Roman cuisine.
You will continue with the guided tour of the Pantheon, one of the most famous buildings in the ancient world for its particular dome with a hole in the center. You will discover the hidden secrets of this wonderful building, the result of the Roman architectural genius, which summarizes the perfection of proportions in every detail of the work.

The day ends in the splendid and elegant Piazza Navona, the “Salotto di Roma”, adorned with the spectacular fountain of the Four Rivers, also by Bernini.

Gondola ride Venice

On the third day you will visit the only example in the world of a City within a City. The Vatican City is in fact the papal state, the center of Christianity, and the smallest country in the world. It is the destination par excellence for pilgrims from all over the world and will amaze you with its immense beauty.

Accompanied by a guide specialized in papal history, you will discover all the infinite artistic details of St. Peter’s Basilica and immerse yourself in the masterpieces of classical and Renaissance art found in every room of the Vatican Museums.

The tour ends in the astonishing Sistine Chapel, where you will be captivated by the extraordinary beauty of Michelangelo’s frescoes.

After the visit, the private van waiting for you just outside the Museums will take you to a typical Italian restaurant to enjoy a personal tasting of traditional Roman cuisine. Among the many specialties, fresh handmade pasta is one of the reasons why the cuisine of Rome is among the most popular in the country.

Gondola ride Venice

Discover the ruins of the greatest civilization of the past capable of imposing its rule all over the Mediterranean. In the morning, your accessible private van will drive you directly under the Colosseum, the largest and most famous of the 80 Roman amphitheaters, once the main arena where gladiators fought against each other. The guide will tell you the historical details of those incredible battles and how the emperor, in front of a crowd of thousands of spectators, had the power of life or death over the men who fought in the arena.

The private tour continues to the Roman Forum, the epicenter of the public, religious and political life of ancient Rome. Accompanied by your private guide, you will visit all of the most important and symbolic monuments and walk the streets crossed thousands of years ago by the tribunes thanks to dedicated routes.

The visit continues to Piazza del Campidoglio, designed by Michelangelo in 1536 and deliberately oriented towards St. Peter’s Basilica, the political center of the city at the time.

You will have lunch in a traditional accessible restaurant in the Ghetto, a Jewish quarter full of history in the very city center, where you will taste the very traditional dishes of the Jewish-Roman cuisine.

Gondola ride Venice

Naples, a city known for its warm and welcoming culture, will seduce you with its lively streets and ancient traditions.

Our bilingual guide, expert in art history, will lead you through an accessible path designed ad hoc to make you discover all the artistic treasures of this city: from the quaint old town with its palaces and churches, to the catacombs of underground Naples, passing through the Archaeological Museum, Castel Nuovo and the Royal Palace.

You will have lunch in the center of Naples in an elegant restaurant where you can try some of the best dishes of traditional Neapolitan cuisine. Treat yourself with an authentic and world-class Neapolitan pizza and sip one of the best espressos in Italy in some of the oldest and most elegant cafés in town.

The journey continues in the afternoon to the archaeological site of Pompeii, a place of great charm for tourists from all over the world. The ancient city officially became a UNESCO heritage site in 1997.

Going through the Pompeian excavations is a unique and timeless experience: you will walk through the ruins of a thriving city whose life was interrupted by the eruption of the Vesuvius and you will experience the very last moments of the Pompeiian citizens who lived there. As of today, you can admire the remains of ancient streets and small shops still intact from the eruption.

The latest works carried out on the site have allowed the construction of an accessible 3-km long path that allows anyone to visit the entire site.

Gondola ride Venice

Along with the guide, you will head towards the Amalfi Coast, a stretch of coast just 50 kilometers long, famous for its small beaches and for the pastel colors of its houses.

The first stop is Positano, a very famous tourist destination with pebble beaches and narrow streets full of small artisan shops and places where you can enjoy moments of relax while admire the blue of the sea.

The tour continues towards Amalfi, a charming city known above all for the church of Sant’Andrea, a structure from the Arab-Norman times in the heart of the city. You will be able to enjoy a delicious Italian espresso in front of its famous striped Byzantine facades.

You will enjoy lunch in a restaurant in the city center, where you can taste the typical cuisine of the Amalfi Coast based mainly on seafood. From shrimp to scorpion fish, from pezzogne to amberjacks, octopuses and blue fish.

All are undisputed protagonists of traditional coastal recipes: among them, the unforgettable “scialatielli with seafood”, typical fresh pasta from this area.

In the afternoon, the tour continues towards Ravello, a hilltop town dominating the gulf from its 365 meters above sea level. This destination is mainly visited for the extraordinary gardens on the cliffs and a breathtaking view from Villa Rufolo. This villa and its gardens, dating back to the 13th century, are perfect spots for you to capture unforgettable photos of local colors, shapes and landscapes.

Gondola ride Venice

This day designed to let you relax, recharging your energy between massages and spas inside your 5-star resort.

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Located exactly on the tip of the boot and overlooking the Strait of Messina, the city of Reggio Calabria has an ancient history: it was, in fact, the first Greek colony in Southern Italy.

An accessible private van will offer transportation to the very center of Reggio Calabria, an ancient crossroads of goods and travelers, offering a magnificent view of Sicily, Mount Etna and the Aeolian Islands.

The Aragonese fortress, the civic art gallery and the planetarium, along with the many churches that house Antonello da Messina’s masterpieces, make Reggio Calabria a fascinating place to spend a full day on vacation.

The main cultural attraction of the city is the National Archaeological Museum, one of the most representatives of the so-called Magna Graecia in Italy.

Our bilingual guide, expert in art history, will lead you through an accessible path designed specifically to let you fully immerse in the myths, legends and cultures that are intertwined within it.

The Museum houses the famous Riace Bronzes, one of the most important sculptural masterpieces of Greek art. Scholars believe that they were part of the cargo of a shipwrecked naval expedition and that these Bronzes were thrown overboard to lighten the load. Today, the Bronzes have been completely restored and are exhibited in an exclusive room where you can appreciate the splendor and plastic vigor, while the guide will tell you all about the stories and hidden legends concerning their discovery.

You will enjoy lunch in an elegant accessible restaurant offering gourmet dishes that revisit the traditional Calabrian menu. Served among columns, statues and marble floors, you will experience lunch in the midst of centuries of history.

In the afternoon, you will head towards your exclusive hotel in Taormina where you will enjoy a three-night stay.

Gondola ride Venice

The city of Taormina, located on the top of Monte Tauro and in a natural terrace at over 600 feet overlooking the sea, is considered the pearl of the Ionian Sea: its wonderful location and its naturalistic beauties are a pleasure for both the eyes and the heart.

Here, Outreach’s bilingual guide, expert in art history, will take you to discover one of the most evocative places of the city: the Greek Theater.
Dating back to the 3rd century BC it is accessible to everyone through an ad hoc path that includes all the most fascinating remains of the ancient Greek and Romans civilizations.From the cavea you can admire an extraordinary panorama in the background that goes from the coasts of Calabria to the top of Etna, the highest volcano in Europe.

This visit will be followed by a taste of Sicilian sweets at the Nonna Rosa pastry shop in the historic center of Taormina. Thanks to her bakery skills, Nonna Rosa is in fact the owner of the most famous cannoleria in Italy.

Every day Nonna Rosa bakes more than 18 different types of cannoli, rigorously filled on the spot.

Between stories, traditions and processing methods that have been handed down for generations, there is also time to taste the other local specialties: from cassata, to homemade granitas, from brioches with ice cream to almond pastries, passing through cakes and candied fruit.

The tour continues towards the town of Acireale, a baroque jewel adjacent to the sea, and mostly known for its colorful carnival and incredible natural beauty. The picturesque town overlooks the eastern coast of Sicily and is bathed by the Ionian Sea. You will discover it, along with your guide, every wonderful corner and monument of this outstanding town: from Piazza Duomo to the Cathedral dedicated to the patron saint of the city, passing through the ancient Basilica of Saints Peter and Paul.

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Piazza Armerina is famous and recognized worldwide for the splendid mosaics of the Villa Romana del Casale, a UNESCO World Heritage Site. Here, Outreach’s bilingual guide, expert in art history, will take you to discover the interior space of one of the most evocative places of the whole Sicily.

Hunting residence of Massimiliano Erculeo, with its 3500 square meters of mosaic floors, this Villa is one of the most remarkable testimonies of daily life during the times of the Roman Empire. Along with the guide, you will enjoy the magnificent and colorful mosaics displaying images and memories that you will not forget for the rest of your life.

The city of Piazza Armerina, in addition to the Villa, displays a splendid Baroque historic center, presided over by the imposing Duomo overlooking the whole city.

The Historic Center of Piazza Armerina will take you back in time through the outstanding testimony of the Norman and Baroque style and architecture, enlightening every corner of the area: from the small medieval-style streets, to the rich Renaissance and Baroque palaces, such as Palazzo Trigona and the Aragonese Castle. You will enjoy lunch in a famous wine bar located in the historic center of Piazza Armerina, where you will be offered a traditional tasting of typical Sicilian products.

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Agrigento was one of the most important Greek city in Italy and one of the most culturally and economically advanced ones in the entire Mediterranean area. During this tour, you will have the opportunity to visit one of the largest archaeological sites in the world: the Valley of the Temples. This area, which corresponds to the remains of the ancient town of Akragas, has been a UNESCO World heritage site since 1997 and an unparalleled site worth visiting if you find yourself in Southern Italy.

Lying on a plateau not far from the sea, the Archaeological Park of the Valley of the Temples will win you over with its beauty and its millenary history. Among centenary olive trees and flowering almond trees you can admire splendid and monumental examples of Greek architecture magnificently preserved: among all the famous Temple of Concordia, the Temple of the Dioscuri, the temples of Olympian Zeus and Juno among the most significant buildings in the world built in ancient Doric order.

This architectural masterpiece will also amaze you with its sanctuaries, pagan and Christian necropolises and agora. Its network of underground aqueducts, occupying almost 12 square kilometers, is spread among a completely accessible path.

In addition to being one of the most fascinating places in Sicily, the Valley of the Temples is a symbol of the magnificence of the ancient Greek civilization. While listening to your private bilingual guide you can admire the placid passage of time, appreciating the silence and the vastness of space as well as enjoying the light of sunset that filters through the columns of the temples, creating unique and dreamy atmospheres.

By the end of the visit, you will reach your exclusive hotel in Palermo where you will stay for the last two nights of the tour.

Gondola ride Venice

The harmonious mingling of different cultures has created in Palermo a unique style in the world, called Arab-Norman, which since 2015 has led the city to be a UNESCO World Heritage Site.

Palermo boasts a complex historical heritage and a rich heritage of treasures: some are majestically recognizable at first glance; others are more hidden around the city. Palermo is not an easily accessible city to visit, but a studied ad hoc path studied with the guide, it is possible to discover every little secret of a city that has written Italian history.

Located less than ten kilometers away from Palermo, Monreale is an incredible hilltop village, with elaborate and sumptuous architecture.While walking around the city you will be amazed by the sumptuousness of the buildings, the incredible detail of the works of art and the bright polychromic interiors that characterize the places of worship.

The famous cathedral of Santa Maria Nuova, the true symbol of the city, is included in the list of UNESCO World Heritage sites and is considered one of the most important medieval churches in the world, and a real example of the Norman, Christian and Arabic influences that have shaped Sicily over the millennia.

A private bilingual guide, expert in art history, will tell you all about the variety of styles and structural originalities that have merged and represent a truly unique testimony of the richness of this region.

Its interiors are an authentic triumph of luxury and light; its 130 splendid mosaics extend over an area of 6,000 square meters within the Cathedral and depict episodes from the Old Testament, the New Testament and the lives of the saints.

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After a hearty breakfast at the hotel, your accessible private van will drive you to the airport in order to board back home.

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