Project Description

White truffle hunting

Alba white truffle, whose scientific name is “Tuber magnatum pico”, is renowned as the most precious kind both from a gastronomic and economic point of view. Its unmistakable flavor and aroma, satisfying and exciting for the nostrils, unique in its kind, is considered by chefs all over the world as the real “diamond” of the kitchen and it is appreciated in some of the best restaurants worldwide.

The external yellow-ocher surface is smooth, the internal surface is greyish-yellow with very small veins and varies according to the plants under which it arises, which might be oaks, limes, poplars and willows.

The white truffle, in order to be born and develop, needs particular soils with equally particular climatic conditions: the soil must be soft and humid for most of the year, it must be rich in calcium and with good air circulation. It is therefore easy to understand that not all soils have these characteristics and precisely these environmental factors, present in the Langhe area, make the Alba white truffle such a coveted mushroom.
It is an absolutely spontaneous mushroom: to date there are no cultivation techniques, therefore availability may be limited.

Take part in an exciting private experience of hunting the Alba truffle in contact with nature and dogs in the wonderful natural scenery of the Langhe woods.
A personal guide will walk with you during the truffle hunting with dogs and will explain how to find the precious white truffles. You will be taken, early in the morning, on an adventurous truffle hunt, through an accessible and flat path among the Piedmont hills.
By the end of the hunt, you will have the opportunity to taste the truffle along with other local dishes and a glass of wine.

It is recommended that you dress comfortably and bring a jacket with you in case of light rain. It is important to know any food allergies and intolerances before the experience begins.