Project Description

Visit to the Museum and Foundry of the Marinelli Bells in Molise

In Molise, the heart of Italy, there is a small village where the art of casting sacred bronzes has been handed down from generation to generation for a thousand years: Agnone, the city of bells.
The Pontifical Marinelli Bell Foundry is the oldest Italian foundry, among the oldest in the world for the construction of bells. In the Marinelli Museum there is a rare example of a gothic bell which, according to tradition, was cast 1000 years ago in this same place. In 1954, the President of the Republic awarded the Marinelli family the gold medal as a highly coveted prize to the oldest company for activity and loyalty in Italy.

The visit to the Bell Museum is completely accessible and will be guided by a bilingual expert who will tell you about all the various stages of processing an authentic Italian bell: artistic design, model construction, casting and testing.
In this ancient and magical place of production, you will be able to learn all the secrets related to the sound of bells, closely linked to a complex balance of thicknesses and volumes: the larger the bell, the lower the note, the smaller the bell and the sharper the note will be. All this will be explained to you by listening to their sounds and with the support of a technical expert and the bell ringer who will be able to answer your every curiosity.