Project Description

Visit to the Martini house

Just over half an hour from Turin lies Casa Martini, home of the most famous aperitif in the world for 150 years.
Our private accessible van can offer a round trip directly from your hotel to the Martini residence.
Upon arrival, you can begin to explore the secrets of the Martini brand and visit the fully accessible production plant, led by the bilingual Brand Ambassador.

Through the ‘Mondo Martini Gallery’ you will discover the story of the founders Alessandro Martini and Luigi Rossi and you will learn about the various stages of winemaking that leads to the final product that we all know.
You will learn the secrets of preparing a perfect Negroni or a balanced Americano as well as the art of blending the aromatic Vermouth. Furthermore, you will also explore the new section dedicated to the botanicals of Vermouth and its production. If you want, you can create your own Vermouth to take and enjoy directly at home and perhaps make your aperitif.