Project Description

Underwater experience in the Sicilian Sea

The Marine Area of the Cyclops protects one of the most evocative stretches of water in all of Sicily. The Cyclops Islands, under the shadow of Etna, are a conglomerate of beauty with a characteristic scenery of black rock spurs that come out sharply from the sea. Their birth originates from an eruption of Etna, which then marked the landscape of the entire coast.

In these wonderful Cyclops Islands, you can admire an intertwining of history, myth and nature: here a great archaeological survey has brought to light a wide variety of transport amphorae and eight iron anchors dated in a temporal era stretching between the Roman Republican and the early Middle Ages.

Through the spectacular “Archaeological route of anchors”, you can enjoy a unique and completely accessible diving experience through the guidance of expert bilingual instructors. On a journey among important Roman iron anchors, you can also admire the marine fauna and flora in the crystalline waters of one of the most beautiful seas in Italy.