Project Description

Umbrian cooking class in Assisi

A rich yet genuine land, with hilly landscapes surrounded by wooded mountains, has made the natural, genuine and traditional Umbrian cuisine unique, far from modern excesses.
Many recipes have medieval origins and are based on simple ingredients such as legumes, cheese, cereals and dried meat, which were the sustenance food of pilgrims.
These ingredients have found form in numerous dishes such as “Torta al testo”, but also in soups made mainly of spelled and legumes flavored with garlic and onion or in the famous homemade pasta in the shape of “stringozzi” and “umbrini”.

Umbria also owns the privilege of having some of the finest meats in Italy. Pigs are still fed acorns and this process affects directly the cooking process, through which the original flavors of the ingredients can be rediscovered. To go long with meat, Umbria is famous for products such as mushrooms or black truffles from Norcia and Spoleto which, unlike the white truffle, need to be cooked to better express their virtues.

If you want to discover all the secrets of this traditional cuisine, this experience is the right opportunity to let you learn how to cook some of these delicious recipes.
The experience is totally accessible and suitable for all skill levels in the kitchen.
It involves the preparation of five traditional dishes using seasonal vegetables from the company’s organic garden and other local products from the Umbrian area.
A bilingual professional chef will cook with you and will explain, step by step, all the necessary secrets in order to prepare the dishes.
You will also be able to discover all the secrets of handmade pasta and gnocchi, as well as how to prepare the sauce to flavor them according to tradition.
At the end of the cooking class, you can enjoy the dishes you have previously created and combine them with a selection of six wines from wineries from the Assisi area.

ADVICE: It is important to know any food allergies and intolerances before the experience begins.