Project Description

Torrechiara Castle

In a hilly area full of vineyards, located on a hill overlooking the valley where the Parma stream flows, stands one of the most spectacular fortified buildings in Italy: the Torrechiara Castle. Flanked by the village of the same name, a fraction of Langhirano in the province of Parma. Like any self-respecting historical and mysterious building, this manor also has its own legend that tells the eternal love story between the famous leader Pier Maria Rossi and the beautiful Bianca Pellegrini.

It is said that the ghost of Count Pier Maria Rossi returns again on the Rio delle Favole, the road that leads to the entrance to the Castle, reciting the motto dedicated to his beloved: “nunc et semper”.

The motto can also be found in the fresco in the “Golden Room” of the Castle. The room takes its name from the pure gold leaves that once covered the tiles on the walls showing the coats of arms of the two loved ones. The scenes are the only example in Italy of medieval paintings centered on the courteous love between two real characters.

The other rooms of the castle are equally frescoed; some of them are the work of Cesare Baglione, such as the Jupiter room, the Vittoria room, the Velario and the Pergola. By visiting the castle you can immerse yourself in the courteous elegance of the past, making your own the words “altiera et felice” that Pier Maria Rossi chose for the inscription of the Castle of Torrechiara.