Project Description

The Pollenzo Wine Bank

The Pollenzo Wine Bank is a unique reality in the world that aims to make the public aware of the great wealth of the territories, lands and native vines of Italy.

The architectural complex was born in 1835, by the will of Carlo Alberto of Savoy and was the management center of the Savoy estates and the heart of the agro-oenological experiments in the area.

Today Pollenzo is a pole that continues to work to be a reference point for high quality food policy and international food and wine culture.

There are over 50,000 bottles kept in the Historic Cellars of the Pollenzo Agency. Inside the Wine Bank, we also find the headquarters of the first University of Gastronomic Sciences in the world, the Academic Tables and the Agency Hotel.

With an accessible private van, you will reach Pollenzo, for a guided tour of the Wine Bank. Every day 32 labels are available and chosen from more than 300 wineries from all over Italy and selected by Slow Wine.

A bilingual sommelier will lead you on an enological-gustatory journey of selected wines from every corner of Italy, to which it will be possible to pair these wines with a taste of traditional cold cuts and cheeses.