Project Description

The Perfumer’s Atelier

In the small town of Savigliano in the province of Cuneo, there is an ancient 17th-century residence: Palazzo Taffini. Seat of representation of the former Dukes of Savoy, is among the most significant monuments in the area.
The ancient noble residence contains in its baroque rooms the memory of epic battles fought by the Taffini alongside the Dukes of Savoy, but also the secrets of a way of life linked to pleasure and the satisfaction of the senses.
The Palace was also the home of flowers, fragrant herbs and essences, and its garden was refreshed by the jets of fountains that are today represented in the “Sala degli Dei” on the first floor.
Inside the building you can find the MÚSES, a living museum, which offers visitors sensory experiences in continuous dialogue with technology and art.
The project was born and developed to enhance the traditions and knowledge of Piedmont in the production of medicinal herbs.

The experiential visit is accessible and will lead you through the halls of an ancient palace where you will be fascinated by magnificent frescoes and artistic installations, attracted by the scent of medicinal herbs and spices.

Through a narration that involves the five senses you will be captivated by the magic of the essences. You will be able to learn about all the properties and uses that are made in the field of medicine, perfumery, cosmetics and gastronomy, in a long journey that crosses history and centuries-old tradition.

The Perfumer’s Ateliere is a theoretical and practical workshop that introduces you to the wonderful world of perfumery, revealing its secrets and language.
Throughout the visit, you will learn about the composition of the olfactory pyramid, the chords and the aromatic notes.
You will learn to recognize the different types of fragrances, from the most explosive to the delicate, fresh or enveloping ones to be able to combine them together in a mix that will involve all your senses.
Within the workshop, a master perfumer will guide you in the composition of your personal perfume, to create a fragrance to always carry with you during your trip to Italy.