Project Description

The Mole Antonelliana

This bizarre and fascinating building, with its 167.5 meters in height, is one of the tallest buildings in Italy and the tallest masonry construction in Europe. It takes its name from Alessandro Antonelli, the architect who designed it.
Inside, the panoramic lift, built in 1961 to celebrate the centenary of the Unification of Italy, allows you to reach the “temple” positioned above the dome at a height of 85 meters. From there it is possible to admire a splendid view of the city of Turin.
Many still wonder today why the architect Antonelli had undertaken such a difficult task, with such daring architectural solutions. Simple madness and megalomania according to some, magical and occult purposes according to others.

In 1996 the City of Turin restored the building and made it the house of the National museum of cinema. The museum, one of the most visited in Italy, houses several multimedia and interactive stations, very rare pre-cinematographic optical machines, equipment and materials from Italian and international sets as well as a vast collection of films, books, prints, posters, playbills, paintings and photographs.

This tour will take you deep into the artistic intricacies and legends of this beautiful yet mystic building. A bilingual guide will explain the architectural building process and will introduce you to the magic world of cinema, both through national and international lenses. A unique experience to understand the universe of the “seventh art” while enjoying the alpine skyline and the elegant architecture of the former capital of Italy.