Project Description

The Castellana Caves in Puglia

The Castellana Caves are a truly unmissable when visiting Southern Italy. An opportunity to admire one of the most surprising natural places in Puglia, which extends into a complex of underground karstic caves among the most beautiful and spectacular in the whole peninsula.

Located at the gates of the Itria Valley, a few kilometers from enchanting villages such as Alberobello and Polignano a Mare, the Castellana Caves are located on a limestone plateau formed in the upper Cretaceous, about one hundred million years ago.

The beauty is in the underground paths among caves, canyons, fossils, stalactites, incredible shapes and surprising colors that attract tourists from all over the world every year, stimulating the imagination of every visitor.

The visit to the Castellana Caves winds along a 3 km long guided tour inside the White Cave, where stalactites, stalagmites and precious crystals stand out along the entire route.

An expert bilingual speleologist will guide you for a real yet completely accessible “journey to the center of the earth”.
This site is part of a project called “100% Accessible Caves”, aimed at eliminating any type of barrier within the itinerary so that anyone can access them. A team of specialized operators will give you the opportunity to experience all the sensory emotions that the underground environment guarantees, in total safety.

The visit, in fact, is a multisensory experience: you will be guided to listen to the different sounds of the cave, to perceive and welcome the musicality of nature that derives from every stone, every drop and in every form.

The Caves extend for a length of 3348 meters and reach a maximum depth of 122 meters from the surface. It is also possible to choose a shorter route, about 1 km, which takes place inside the first cave, the Grave, which is the largest and the most visited of all due to its incredible size.