Project Description

Tasting Sicilian desserts in Taormina, Sicily

The Sicilian cannoli is one of the most famous desserts in the world, renowned for the shape of its fried-dough wafer and for the delicious ricotta filling.
As a quintessence of the Italian confectionary tradition, in particular the Sicilian one, the recipe of this delicious dessert has been handed down for generations even though it was originally prepared only for carnival celebrations.

Taormina landscape
Sweets tasting in Taormina (Sicily) cannoli
Sweets tasting in Taormina (Sicily) Cassata

In the beautiful historic center of Taormina lies a corner of true paradise: “I Dolci di Nonna Rosa”. Thanks to her bakery skills, Nonna Rosa is in fact the owner of the most famous cannoleria in Italy.
Every day Nonna Rosa bakes more than 18 different types of cannoli, rigorously filled on the spot.
Between stories, traditions and processing methods that have been handed down for generations, there is also time to taste the other local specialties: from cassata, to homemade granitas, from brioches with ice cream to almond pastries, passing through cakes and candied fruit.

All the products you will taste are prepared daily with fresh and high quality raw materials, respecting a deep love for traditions and an infinite passion for taste.
These desserts are part of the true Sicilian culture and are the result of an incredible mix of the different populations that have settled on the island over the centuries.