Project Description

Royal Palace of Caserta

In 1997, UNESCO recognized the Royal Palace of Caserta as a World Heritage Site, a symbol of the city and an exciting journey through time.
The majestic palace is spread over vast interior spaces that include 1200 finely decorated rooms and immense gardens with elegant and refined detail.
Meadows, scenic fountains with water features, waterfalls, bridges, sculptures, make the site one of the most important and sought-after attractions by tourists. The large driveway crosses the building and unifies the entire complex continuing in the park as a waterway and greenery.

Royal Palace of Caserta bed
Royal Palace of Caserta bed
Royal Palace of Caserta landscape
Royal Palace of Caserta fountains
Royal Palace of Caserta interiors
Caserta Royal Palace gardens

This tour offers roundtrip transportation from your hotel or from one of the main ports/airports with an accessible private van.
Our bilingual guide, expert in art history, will lead you through an accessible path designed specifically to make you discover all the secrets of this fascinating palace, designed and built-in to match the beauties of other famous palaces such as those of Versailles and Madrid. With this tour you will discover the luxurious lifestyle of the Italian nobles and more specifically of the ancient Bourbon monarchy.
Considering the extension of the internal and external surface, during the booking phase clients might request: electric scooters, golf carts, manual or electric wheelchairs to facilitate the visit.

By the end of the visit, Outreach’s private accessible van will drive you to a refined restaurant in Caserta, home of buffalo mozzarella, where you can taste different dishes of traditional Campania cuisine.