Project Description

Perugia by hang gliding

In the eastern part of Umbria, not far from Perugia, stands the natural reserve of Monte Cucco, surrounding the slopes of the 1566 meter-high main mountain.
The landscape offered by the highest mountain shows a variegated pattern of alternating enclosed valleys with spiers, pinnacles and terraces.
The millenary canyons and gorges make it rugged, but the soft slopes, the basins and the valleys soften it to the gaze of the many visitors who decide to visit these magical places every year.

Hang-glider near Perugia
Perugia landscape
Hang-glider near Perugia

The favorable weather conditions typical of this area fit perfectly for the sport of hang-gliding, which has been practiced for years in this panoramic hilly area: so much so that the Italian Championships have been held seven times in this place.

Flying a hang glider in total safety in the skies of central Italy is easy, fun and exciting at the same time.
Admire a completely different perspective, above the Umbrian hills in a truly suggestive landscape, where every year people from all over the world come to try the experience of flying.
Tourist flights in hang gliding and tandem paragliding are accessible to everyone and are only carried out in perfect weather conditions.
During the flight, you will be supported by highly qualified and bilingual staff, with decades of flying experience, able to make you experience a moment of incredible adrenaline in the blue skies of Umbria.
If weather conditions allow it, you might request the Top Landing option, namely, taking off with the hand glider and land directly at high altitude, thus making the experience even more suggestive.
Natural updrafts enable to fly over the whole valley and admire the landscapes from a unique and unusual perspective.
During the flight, a camera will be set in order to record your experience and give you the opportunity to relive it whenever and wherever you want.