Project Description

Palermo, Historical Heart of Sicily

The harmonious fusion of different cultures has created in Palermo a unique style in the world, called Arab-Norman, which since 2015 has turned the city into a UNESCO World Heritage Site. An accessible private van will offer roundtrip transportation from your hotel located in Sicily or from the main Sicilian stations, airports or ports to a city that holds the role of guardian of the rich Sicilian heritage of treasures.

Along with our bilingual guide you can discover those majestically recognizable at first glance and others more hidden. An Italian journalist, Roberto Alajmo, once described his native city by presenting it like this: “Palermo is an onion. It is done in layers. Each time you remove one, another remains to be peeled “. Indeed, the best way to enjoy this wonderful city is to “peel it” by looking at the many layers.

Palermo is not an easily accessible city to visit, but thanks to a designed path made ad hoc with the expert of a bilingual guide, it is possible to discover every secret of a city that has contributed to the development of Italian history.