Project Description

Oil and Soap Laboratory in Sciacca, Sicily

The Casa Museo del Sapone is the largest museum dedicated to the history and science of handmade soap in Italy. Located in an old rural building from the early 19th century, fully restored, it houses various findings related to rural activities in the area, historical information and scientific techniques for all those interested in discovering the intriguing world of soap.

Sciacca landscape
Soap Museum in Sciacca (Sicily) laboratory
Soap Museum in Sciacca (Sicily)

This experience gives you the chance to explore the centuries-old processes and traditions behind the production of handmade soap, as well as many tricks for storing and creating homemade fragrances.
The tour begins with a visit to the Museum where an expert bilingual guide will tell you the history of soap from its origins. It is also possible to participate in an activity designed to make you experience the world of soap starting from the origins: the ingredients, the raw materials obtained from the Sicilian land and the saponification process.
Later on, along with a master craftsman, you will carry out the preparation of a soap with extra virgin olive oil, following the ancient traditions handed down from generation to generation. During preparation, in the fragrance phase, you can choose between a choice of essential oils, or among the fresh essences just picked from the garden adjacent to the museum.
Along with the master you can create your personalized soap. Additionally, you will also be given the recipe that you can use in the future if you want to reproduce it back home.
The entire experience of creating your own soap lasts about an hour and will give you the opportunity, among other things, to learn to recognize the organoleptic characteristics of extra virgin olive oil through an olfactory test.