Project Description

Oil and Pesto tasting in Liguria

The Frantoio Armato has its roots in a profound tradition that has been handed down from five generations until today. The family-run company was born in Liguria in the upper valley of the Merula stream, in the hinterland of Andora at about 400 meters above sea level. Here the Armato family owns olive groves of great value, which due to the fortunate exposure and the presence of important aquifers, have guaranteed the perfect nourishment for the production of a superior quality extra-virgin olive oil.

The visit to the old oil mill will allow you to embark on an authentic journey into tradition, in which it will be possible to closely observe the ancient millstones that crush the olives and discover how the precious green gold is produced, from the olives to the bottle.

The oil mill is small and can be comfortably visited; the rooms are easily accessible through the ground floor without obstacles.

A guided tasting will allow you to taste the different qualities of extra-virgin olive oil and to discover the other products that derive from it: such as pesto, paté, creams on canapes, olive paste and salted anchovies.

The tasting will continue with an exciting class to make Pesto al Mortaio in the shade of the olive trees, in which you will learn how to prepare Pesto, the authentic symbol of Ligurian cuisine. A simple and tasty sauce that can easily adapt to a thousand uses, a sort of “memory dish” of the Ligurian land that has spread extraordinarily throughout the world since the emigration of Ligurians to the Americas between the 19th and 20th centuries.

Preparing pesto in a mortar will be a truly unique sensory experience, a real ritual that will involve all five senses.