Project Description

Modica and Noto, in Sicily

Modica, a jewel among the Hyblean rocks, located in southeastern Sicily and a UNESCO heritage site since 2002. An accessible private van will offer roundtrip transportation from your hotel located in Sicily or from the main stations, airports or ports to Modica, known above all as the Italian city of chocolate. The secret of its success lies in the cold pressing of the cocoa beans, according to an ancient Arab-Sicilian procedure. Our bilingual guide, expert in art history, will lead you through an accessible path designed ad hoc from the Bonajuto Chocolate. This historic factory has produced and exported handcrafted chocolate all over the world for over 150 years for more than six generations of professional chocolatiers. An expert chocolatier will show you all the techniques necessary to maintain the purity of Modica chocolate and a recipe to replicate it at home. You will also have the opportunity to taste, in addition to chocolate, a vast line of traditional Modican sweets and nougat products.

The tour will continue in the city of Noto, a UNESCO heritage site and a great architectural jewel that summarizes all the peculiar elements that characterize the baroque architectural peculiarities of southeastern Sicily. For this reason, Noto has been nicknamed the “perfect Baroque city” and it remains a popular destination for tourists all year round. From the Palazzo Ducezio to the rebuilt Cathedral in the historic center, Noto will win you over with its timeless beauty and the harmony of its architecture.

You will have lunch in a restaurant with refined and high-quality cuisine, starting from a careful work of selecting only zero-kilometer ingredients that are essential to create reinterpretations of typical Sicilian cuisine. During the meal, you can therefore enjoy a refined gastronomic experience and taste authentic Sicilian fish or meat dishes.