Project Description

Medieval Tuscany: Siena, Volterra and San Gimignano

Tuscany is one of the most evocative and unique regions in Italy made of marvelous yet elegant cities, living testament of medieval and renaissance art. Among those, Siena, Volterra and San Gimignano stand as unparalleled treasures of the region.
This tour offers roundtrip transportation from your hotel in Florence/Rome, or from the main stations, airports and ports, to Siena, offering you a suggestive panoramic view of the Chianti countryside during the journey.
Our bilingual guide, expert in art history, will lead you through an accessible path designed specifically to help you discover the authenticity of Tuscan life through the most important squares and places of interest in these cities.

Mediaval Tuscany Palio of Siena
Mediaval Tuscany Palio of Siena
Skyline San Gimignano
Siena Cathedral
Piazza dei Miracoli Siena
Medieval Tuscany landscape

The first stop will be Siena, one of the oldest and most beautiful cities in Tuscany, rich in monuments, noble palaces and museums.
Its millennial history dates back to the time of the Etruscans: legend has it, however, that Senio and Aschio, sons of Remo, fled from Rome and founded Siena at the end of a mythical and very long “Palio alla lunga”.
Between 1150 and 1300 a plethora of great artists committed themselves to the creation of extraordinary monuments, especially the fully accessible Cathedral. The tour will start from the discovery of this magical place and its incredible architecture.
Later on, you will visit the Palazzo Comunale in Piazza del Campo, the famous shell-like square which twice per summer hosts the famous and traditional horse race named “Palio”.

The van will then drive you to Volterra, a real precious gem of Tuscany, perched on a rocky promontory and surrounded by wild countryside. Among the finalists for the title of “Italian Capital of Culture 2022”, Volterra conveys a sense of peace and calm to all the tourists who visit it, amidst medieval walls and ancient buildings. Renowned for having the finest alabaster in Europe, Volterra’s artistic and monumental masterpieces can be admired by just walking through the streets of the historic center.

For lunch, the private accessible van will take you to a farm located right next to San Gimignano, where you can enjoy traditional Tuscan dishes paired with fine local wines, famous all over the world for their quality.

After lunch, the tour continues to San Gimignano, a UNESCO World Heritage Site and one of the most incredible examples of a medieval city.
San Gimignano, which stands out for its famous medieval towers, is located along the Via Francigena, on the hills of the upper Val D’Elsa.
Famous for its vernaccia, saffron and the ceramics of Santa Fina, San Gimignano is the perfect place to fully understand the traditions rooted in the Tuscan territory.