Project Description

Fly a plane in Tuscany

Flying is an experience that combines a great sense of freedom, the ability to know and explore “the third dimension” as well as the opportunity to enjoy the landscape from an absolutely privileged point of view. Flying brings out a multitude of engaging and personal sensations, which make the experience truly unique.

The skies of Tuscany are the ideal place to make the most of this magnificent experience. Light clouds and rolling hills like the sea preserve precious footprints of the past, made of the ruins of castles, Etruscan houses and villages dug into the tuff that you could admire from a privileged position.

After a pleasant welcome coffee, the flight experience includes a short preliminary theoretical introduction, with particular regard to the rules of visual navigation, flight safety and the basics of meteorology, all aimed at providing you with greater awareness during the flight “experience”. The experience will then start with the flight over the skies of Tuscany, lasting an average of about an hour, during which it will be possible to familiarize, along with our expert and bilingual instructors, with all the most modern piloting techniques.

The instructors will assist each participant in safely boarding the aircraft, and will then proceed to assist the participant to take off. Considering that the aircraft, all equipped with dual controls, are exclusively two-seater (instructor and passenger), the practical experience of the flight will be carried out individually by each participant. At each landing, a short de-briefing will follow, in order to contextualize the most important and characterizing aspects of the experience.

A unique adventure in the shadows of cypresses immersed in the hills brightened by the sun.