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Florence: Piazza della Signoria and the Cathedral

The history of Florence draws its roots in a very distant past, full of undisputed protagonists of the Italian artistic life.
Spend a day in the heart of Florence, where artists such as Michelangelo, Leonardo da Vinci and Dante Alighieri have found inspiration for the creation of their masterpieces which still enlighten every corner of the city. As the famous director Franco Zeffirelli once said: “When I feel gripped by depression, I go back to Florence to look at Brunelleschi’s dome: if man’s genius has gone so far, then I too can and must try to create, act, live.”

Main square in Florence
Main square in Florence
Duomo of Florence
Basilica of Saint Mary of the Flower
Art Florence
Florence Pitti palace

This tour offers roundtrip transportation from your hotel in Florence, Pisa or Lucca, or from the main stations, airports and ports, to the very center of the city.
Our bilingual guide, expert in art history, will lead you through an accessible path designed ad hoc to make you discover all the artistic treasures of this city, known as the cradle of Renaissance.

You will visit the Cathedral dominating Florence with its marvelous dome, to this day the tallest building in the whole city. After a rich lunch in a traditional and accessible Florentine restaurant, you will visit Piazza del Duomo, Basilica of Santa Maria del Fiore and Piazza San Giovanni, along with the Baptistery. These monuments are located in a single large pedestrian area, stretching all the way to Piazza della Signoria and Ponte Vecchio.

If you wish, upon reservation, you can take a guided tour of the Uffizi Gallery, one of the largest museums in the world and one of the oldest galleries in Europe.
The Uffizi Gallery boasts an incomparable artistic heritage, with thousands of paintings from medieval to modern times, as well as miniatures, sculptures, tapestries, drawings and prints.