Project Description

Fiemme’s beer, private tasting in the brewery

In one of the most evocative Dolomite valleys of Trentino Alto Adige, where the richness of pure water blends with ancient traditions, the Fiemme beer is born: a unique craft beer, with a full and refined taste, made with hops and barley grown locally and produced with an ancient processing method. Here stands the “agribirrificio” that in 1999 started producing a unique beer again and that over the years has refined the art of brewing to achieve a balance between innovation and tradition. Birra di Fiemme is a deliberately unpasteurized beer without preservatives and stabilizers: the result of the rediscovery of traditional recipes.

The visit to the brewery is a complete sensory and educational experience, where you can learn about the necessary steps to produce the pioneer of Trentino craft beers. The master brewer and his entire family will lead the process. Each room is accessible and has been designed to be usable by everyone.

History, contact with raw materials and processing: this experience will allow you to have the opportunity to participate in a short tasting lesson with an expert beer sommelier who will offer you the tasting of four types of beer.

In an hour and a half you will discover the world of Fiemme craft beer, a farm-to-table alchemy, a distillate of passion, perfumes, aromas and pure water.