Project Description

Cooking class at Scacciadiavoli winery

A journey through the beauties of central Italy is not complete without savoring the food and wine delights of Umbria. Gastronomy and enology are indeed part of the charm of this region as much as the beautiful landscapes, medieval frescoes and perched castles.

The Scacciadiavoli winery boasts a history spanning over a hundred years on the love of several generations of winemakers.

The name “Scacciadiavoli” comes from an episode of exorcism in the 14th century. The legends has it that a young girl possessed by the Devil drank the winery’s wine to come to her senses.

Visiting this ancient winery will help you discover in detail the secrets of all the stages of wine production and how they have been handed down over time.

With a bilingual guide selected along with the winery, you will discover the processing inside the main building, which is organized on four vertical levels.

The grapes are inserted from the highest level and then transferred, by gravity, to the lower level where fermentation takes place.
On the second floor, the steel and wooden tanks for vinification are set, while the lower floor offers a view of the tonneaux and large wooden barrels for the refinement of the renowned Montefalco Rosso. In the basement you will visit the area for the refinement of Montefalco Sagrantino, both Secco and Passito.

The production consists of red, white and sparkling wines based on Sagrantino. During the tasting, in addition to the detailed explanation for each bottle you will taste, there will be tasty pairings with local products such as salami, cheese, bread and oil.
Once you have visited the wine production rooms, you will be able to participate in a practical cooking class and learn how to prepare delicious homemade dishes under the guidance of a bilingual professional chef who will cook with you and will explain, gradually, all the necessary steps to the preparation of Umbrian dishes.

This experience is totally accessible and suitable for all skill levels in the kitchen.
Finally, you can savor your delicious creations, pair them with previously tasted wines, and finish with a delicious dessert.