Project Description

Chocolate tasting in Modica (Sicily)

Modica chocolate is probably the most famous chocolate in Italy. The secret of its success lies in the cold pressing of the cocoa beans, according to an ancient Arab-Sicilian procedure.

In 1880 Francesco Bonajuto, following the footsteps of his father Federico, opened a small confectionery shop in the wonderful Baroque of Modica.
Today the Dolceria is still in business and is called “Cioccolateria Bonajuto”. For six generations and more than 150 years, Cioccolateria Bonajuto has been producing handcrafted chocolate and has been exporting it to the rest of Italy and Europe.

Tipical chocolate in Modica (Sicily)
Chocolate Modica (Sicily)
Chocolate tasting in Modica (Sicily)

The product line, in addition to chocolate, is rich in the production of sweets and nougat of the Modican and Sicilian tradition which mostly have Arab or Spanish origin. In 2008 it was included by Eurispes among the 100 excellences of Italy to try at least once in a lifetime. Its style is characterized by ancient flavors that have not changed over time and which today are flanked by reinterpretations and contaminations that characterize the confectionery line.

Thanks to this tasting tour inside the “Cioccolateria Bonajuto”, you will have the opportunity to taste a wide range of chocolate varieties: vanilla, citrus, chilli, ginger, pistachio and many others. Your journey into the flavor of chocolate will begin with a visit to the production plant, accessible via an ad hoc path. A bilingual expert will show you the techniques necessary to maintain the purity of Modica chocolate and you will be able to taste a product of excellent quality that will leave you with an unforgettable taste in your mouth.