Project Description

Chef for a day in Rome

Rome is a city that preserves an ancient culinary tradition, with dishes known all over the world: from carbonara to coda alla vaccinara, from amatriciana to the famous “thin and crunchy” pizza.
Feasting is an ancient custom for Romans: from Lucullian lunches to papal banquets, the concept that “the pot is the peace of the house” still prevails.
It is not just a cinematic stereotype, the Romans at the table carry out a daily and millennial convivial ritual.
When you live in Rome this philosophy is immediately confirmed by the plethora of rich and different traditional restaurants, utilizing the best raw materials purchased daily in the local markets. From the very first hours of the morning, the chefs scrupulously select the best ingredients to create the perfect dish to bring to the table.

Rome’s most famous markets: Campo de Fiori.
Rome’s most famous markets: Campo de Fiori
The Colosseum

If you want to discover all the secrets of traditional Roman cuisine, this is the right experience to learn how to cook some of these delicious recipes.
An expert bilingual guide from Rome will take you to one of the most famous and central markets in the city: Campo de’ Fiori.
As the quintessence of the metropolis, Campo de Fiori is not only strategic for its central position, but also for its capacity to attract you in the daily routine of Roman citizens. Here, you can experience the flavors and aromas that have always characterized the capital of Italy.
Moreover, you will find the most genuine raw materials and have the opportunity to buy all the necessary ingredients for the preparation of a typical dish of the millenary Roman tradition.

After visiting the market, our accessible van will take you to a prestigious Cooking School, where a qualified bilingual chef will carry out a real cooking show of the most important dishes of the Roman tradition.
You will be able to observe the technique handed down from generation to generation and then be able to replicate it with the help of the chef and the ingredients previously bought at the local market.
At the end of the preparation, you can enjoy your own lunch created during the cooking class paired with the best local wines.