Project Description

Catamaran trip in the Mediterranean

The crystal clear waters of the stretch of sea between Sardinia, Tuscany, Liguria and France are one of the most diverse areas of marine life in the Mediterranean. Trhough this experience you will be able to breathe in the sea breeze in a fully equipped excursion aboard the world’s first fully accessible catamaran: from the galley on the deck to the bathrooms, from the saloon to the cabins in the hulls.

You will have the opportunity to ride the waves, from the port of Viareggio all along the coasts of Versilia, to immerse yourself in the secrets guarded by the crystal clear waters of the Mediterranean. You can admire the infinite shades of blue of the sea and try to observe the many dolphins of the area.

The catamaran was also built with recyclable materials such as wood and aluminum, while the body is carbon free.

Sun and wind, on the other hand, are its main fuels and, through a system of photovoltaic panels, make the boat energetically independent from other sources.