Project Description

Castel del Monte

Castel del Monte, a unique masterpiece of medieval architecture was built by Frederick II of Swabia around 1240 directly on a rocky bank. This monument is universally renowned for its octagonal shape. In 1996, the UNESCO World Heritage Committee included the Castle in the World Heritage List, for its exceptional universal value, for the perfection of its forms, for the harmony and for the fusion of cultural elements from Northern Europe, Islam and from classical antiquity.

Eight towers in local limestone are grafted onto each of the corners. The courtyard, also octagonal in shape, is characterized, like the whole building, by the chromatic contrast obtained through the use of coral breccia, limestone and marble. Back in the day, the Castle was adorned with rich sculptural furnishings. However, as of today you will be able to admire only a slab depicting the procession of the knights and a fragment of an anthropomorphic figure remain.

There was a long discussion about its intended use: the presence of some “ancillary” structures and the refinement of the sculptural repertoire also led to the hypothesis of a residential and representative reality. The number eight, which has a strongly symbolic value, represents the characterizing element of the castle that you can visit externally, along the entire perimeter of its walls. Surrounded by the beauty of the Castle, you will immerse yourself with the guidance of a bilingual expert in a truly medieval atmosphere and in the breathtaking landscapes of the Murgia valley.