Project Description

Buffalo Mozzarella Tour in Paestum

Tenuta Vannulo is a family-run organic farm dedicated to buffalo breeding and the production of buffalo mozzarella from Campania. It rises a few kilometers from the Temples of Paestum (Campania), monuments of inestimable beauty and value as well as testimony of the passage of Greek civilization in Italy.

Along with a bilingual expert you will be taken inside the farm, leader in its field, where you can observe the wisdom and accuracy used for the production of mozzarella, one of the most loved dishes in Italy.

Tenuta Vannulo is a family run organic farm dedicated to breeding buffalo and producing buffalo mozzarella from Campania
Mozzarella Bufala
Mozzarella's tour

The estate has pioneered the “closed cycle” production-process: from the production of the fodder to the processing of the products, everything takes place exclusively within the farm, guaranteeing freshness and uniqueness of flavors. Furthermore, in 1996 the entire company, converted to full organic production.
The buffaloes are treated only with homeopathic methods and no hormones are used on animals. Moreover, the pastures are an integral part of the breeding: buffaloes are not stressed and the production is exclusively linked to the milk produced on the farm. This virtuous management has led Tenuta Vannulo to obtain the important “ICEA – Institute for Ethical and Environmental Certification”.
The tour of the factory also includes a visit to the mozzarella processing area itself where you will see how it is possible to use the same milk to make other products, such as buffalo yogurt or buffalo ricotta.

The tour ends with a tasting focused mainly on the company’s products and, of course, on buffalo mozzarella. Served in its genuine simplicity, it does not need too many pairings: its softness and exquisiteness are enough for every palate. These products are overall emblems of a welcoming land and ancient traditions unparalleled in the world.