Project Description

Archaeological Park of Paestum and mozzarella Experience

The Archaeological Park of Paestum, an ancient city in an area known as “Magna Graecia”, was inaugurated in 1952. A few years later UNESCO recognized it as a World Heritage Site and today it is among the twenty most visited archaeological sites in the whole country.

An accessible private van will offer roundtrip transportation from your hotel located in Rome, Naples, and Sorrento or from the main stations/airports to Paestum.

An expert bilingual guide, will help you discover the architecture, art, rituals and culture of ancient Greece as well as the most important phases of human history from antiquity to the present.

The Museum and the Archaeological Park of Paestum are easily accessible through an ad hoc path that leads up to the inside of the Basilica. Visiting Paestum turns out to be a beautiful journey through time between temples, Greek agora and Roman forums that will help you discover the ancient civilizations of the Mediterranean that have left an important legacy here.

After the visit to Paestum, with the private van you will continue the tour towards an authentic local dairy, famous for the production of Buffalo Mozzarella.

You will be able to enter inside the company and observe the wisdom and accuracy needed for the production of mozzarella, studying the secrets of each step taken during the production process.

The guided tour ends with a tasting of different milk-based products, including mozzarella, and an explanation of the different food and wine combinations.