Project Description

Aero Gravity: fly for a day to Milan

Milan, the Lombard capital, constantly amazes for its dynamism: a cultured, modern, lively city, full of beauties and artistic works. A city always on the move, where you can move vertically too! Aero Gravity was born in the Milanese hinterland, the only fully accessible vertical wind tunnel in Italy. If you have always wanted to fly, your desire can come true in Milan.

You will experience the feeling of free fall from an airplane at an altitude of 4500 meters. Aero Gravity is the state-of-the-art indoor skydiving facility, designed by a team of world-class engineers to ensure maximum fun without any risk. The slogan and the experiential mission translates into “everybody can fly”: from four-year-old children to an expert skydiver, everyone can experience the thrill of flying at least once in their life.

You can experience the unique feeling of flying in an 8-meter high crystal cylinder through six extremely powerful turbines and an airflow of up to 370 km / h capable of overcoming the force of gravity and supporting you during the flight. All the technical material will be provided on site, while you will be assisted by an instructor in all the preparatory phases: from ground training to entry into the pre-flight room and up to the first flight, during which you can experience unique moments of your journey in Italy.